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Preacher’s Cave was discovered in the 1600s by Captain William Sayles. The placard at the entrance of the cave says “William Sayle shipwrecked at Devil Backbone found refuge here. Sermons held 100 years.” The cave is located approximately 10 miles from North Eleuthera Airport and is on the north shores of Eleuthera adjoining a long and broad sweeping beach called Tay Bay Beach.

Sapphire Blue Hole

Located minutes from Preacher’s Cave on the northern part of Eleuthera, Sapphire Blue Hole is a fun dive site hidden off the beaten path. If you like the adrenaline rush of jumping off a cliff into mysterious depths then definitely make a pit stop at Sapphire Blue Hole.



Snorkeling can be a very rewarding activity. It benefits from its simplicity, where you can simply grab a mask and some fins. Snorkeling is a chance for the adventurous traveler to become one with nature. It is an opportunity to witness firsthand the mystical wonders of the ocean.

Swim With Pigs

Welcome to Pig Island. The pigs are wonderful, intelligent creatures and they’re used to human company, despite their island having no full-time human inhabitants. While the swimming pigs are feral, they are incredibly friendly. They’ll let you swim right up to them if they don’t get to you first. Gently touching and petting the pigs will give you an unforgetable experience.

French Leave Beach

Most gorgeous beach in the Caribbean, long white sands, turquoise clear water, no crowds. Just beyond perfect – this is what you think of when you think Caribbean.

Ten Bay Bech

Ten Bay Beach is located on the Caribbean Sea side of Eleuthera Island, so the waters of this beach are warm and tranquil. The beach is the perfect spot to bring a picnic and spend the day. The shores of the beach are lined with large casuarina trees and palm trees which provide shade from the hot sun.

The calm protected water of the bay is warm, and the water is shallow for several meters off the shore, making it a great place for swimming. There are rocky cliffs at either end of the bay which provide protection for fish, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling.

Surfers Beach

If riding waves is your thing, then bring your gear and head out to Surfer’s Beach, just two miles south of Gregory Town, where southwest winds blow breaks in from the Atlantic. It is said to be the second-best beach for surfing in the world and many experts compare surfing here with Hawaii’s finest.

Even if you just want to watch, the two-mile stretch of beach has some of the best sugary-soft white sand in The Islands of The Bahamas.

Rainbow Bay Beach

On Eleuthera, Many beaches are open spaces without amenities. This beach is cared for by the community association, is clean, has nice picnic tables with shade, parking space, and a garbage container. Shaped like a bight, it is quite calm most days, gradually increasing in depth, with interesting rocks and lots of fish to see either side on the edges. Really nice place for a picnic, lying in the sun, or swimming in the warm Caribbean ocean. Sunsets are absolutely stunning here, with many people coming to sit on the parking area to watch the sun go down over the Caribbean.

Light house beach

Lighthouse Beach is known for its endless miles of unspoiled, soft, powdery, blush-rose sand beach, considered to be one of the most magnificent beaches in The Islands of The Bahamas. This hidden gem teeters at the southernmost point of Eleuthera, on the Atlantic side of the island. It is nestled in the bosom of a massive rock structure behind some sand dunes. It is very unique because you can play in two bodies of water almost simultaneously. The beach on the Caribbean Sea has several hidden caves and offers good shelling and great snorkeling.


Queen's Bath

This is a wonderful place to visit at low tide. It is a challenge getting down to the baths, but worth the effort. Here are the instructions we had and found the baths very easily. They’re located 0.6-miles south of the Glass Window Bridge, park near the stone entrance gate on the east side of The Queen’s Highway. From the gate, hike along the sandy road towards the Atlantic. Soon you’ll reach the sharp, rocky bluffs that conceal the baths, hike towards the edge of the cliff until you see an access path leading off to the left and down to sea level. Check the tides before you go as the pools can fill up quickly and be fierce at high tide.

Interact With Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are among the cutest animals you will ever meet and It doesn’t come as a surprise that Sea turtles are always very happy to interact. They have existed for over 150 million years, Now That’s long enough to have seen the rise of dinosaurs. As you’ve probably already guessed, Sea turtles have adapted their bodies to live in the oceans. In fact, they spend about 96% of their lives at sea and they are easily spotted year round.


blue ocean hôle Rock Sound

The infamous “Ocean Hole” located in the Rock Sound area. Legend has it that the water is bottomless, but it is a great place for snorkeling and diving.

Ocean Hole is a large inland salt water lake. It is referred to as a bottomless blue hole, has a rich Eco-system, and is home to lots of tropical fish waiting to show off how well they can jump for bits of bread. Known to be connected to the Atlantic Ocean, this body of water rises and recedes with the oceanic tides.

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Cliff Jumping

Cliff jump into the beautiful Bahamian water, you can try this experience just a few steps from our cabin.


Dance to live Bahamian music


Build a beach bonfire and cook over an open fire and when the evening comes, watch the stars while tasting marshmallows roasted on the fire with good music

Glass Window Bridge

Do not miss the spectacular Glass Window Bridge, with the Atlantic Ocean that meets the Caribbean Sea.

BB's Horseback Riding

BB’s Horseback Riding is located in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Enjoy a beautiful horseback ride on the pink sand beach!

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